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Aaron Wade
Aaron Wade

San Diego, CA

Have fun and build stuff.

  1. Wiley Body Splash Page svg playful baby shapes instagram javascript parallax website
  2. Cabrillo mobile app icon after effects type animation ios bridge illustration icon
  3. Dashboard Concept - Perspective 3 fui tech node futuristic data dashboard animated after effects 3d
  4. Dashboard Concept - Perspective 2 tech node futuristic data dashboard animated after effects 3d
  5. Dashboard Concept - Perspective 1 animated node 3d data futuristic tech dashboard after effects
  6. Timeline Preview ios after effects iphone gif app interaction video play
  7. Public Timeline play video brand timeline interaction app gif iphone
  8. Grand Entrance illustration after effects tomato timer iphone app interaction happy face animation
  9. Hairdo animation happy face interaction app iphone timer tomato after effects illustration
  10. Preparing the final presentation... model 3d ixd interaction splash animation healthcare gif after effects iphone 6 iphone
  11. Traversing X-Ray cards animation dashboard graph healthcare gif after effects iphone
  12. Permissions Alternate ixd ux interaction activity feed animation healthcare flat gif after effects iphone
  13. Final Dashboard gif after effects dashboard analytics iphone
  14. Permissions System iphone after effects gif flat healthcare animation activity feed interaction ux ixd
  15. Pagination Exploration gif after effects swipe animated dots liquid
  16. Traversing iphone after effects gif healthcare graph dashboard animation cards
  17. Hot to Cold brand logo red pastel blue branding glyph mark s
  18. Sneak Peek! animated iphone ui after effects precompose gestures
  19. Layer 'Docking' Concept photoshop concept animation after effects layers extension gif animated
  20. I gave my soul for this dying world abstract cinema 4d trailer glacier mountain light brush scattering composite
  21. Precomposed Touch Gestures after effects touch gesture animation gif iphone download free freebie mobile minimus
  22. [Animated] I've Scoured the Earth animation animated after effects logo branding grunge typography kinetic type condensed band logo
  23. As a new villain approaches... water abstract mountain glacier journey game cinema 4d
  24. You've Failed Me typography abstract cinema 4d mountains
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